GS-R 2017
GS-R 2017 GS-R 2017 GS-R 2017 GS-R 2017

GS-R 2017

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What's new in 2017:

New sizes
New leech shape
Revised luff curve
Reduced weight
New top construction
Prepreg carbon tube


  • High Tech race sail for sporty speed and slalom riders 
  • Maximum stability of profile and top high end speed 
  • 3D Wing Sleeve for best aerodynamics
  • Boom opening with neoprene cover 
  • Triple Offset clew for maximum trim flexibility
  • Tack strap for adjustment of the foot tension

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Product Name SizeBoomLuffBattens/TubesBest MastMastMast, ø Stock Price Links
GS-R 5,0 2017 5,01714117 / 7Select400RDM
DEAL €359.00 Regular Price €565.00
More Information
Luff, cm411
Latten/Tubes7 / 7
Best MastSelect
Mast cm400
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The true World Cup Racing sail. It is all about speed and how you control it. The 2017 model has been revised on all levels, with 5 new sizes and an update of the remaining sizes. Our R&D team focused on the handling of the sail, control and acceleration in all wind speeds.The leech shape has been redesigned in order to optimize the tension between each single batten, thus giving the sail more spring and response while pumping. This also excels in a much better acceleration after the jibe. Also the speed is much more constant now, even in small wind holes.The luff curve has been modified to achieve a softer rotation of the sail. The biggest challenge was the weight reduction without reducing our legendary heavy duty quality. A new top construction, lighter batten pockets, a lighter patch work above the boom and, not to forget, the use of a prepreg carbon batten have decreased the weight up to 500 g. This saves your energy, which you can invest now in control and speed.




The new GSR has a new faceplate, with battens made of high modulus carbon fibre giving a more consistent leech twist between the top and bottom. It is fitted with three clew eyelets and comes in 5 new sizes: 7.8/8.2/8.6/9.2/ 9.6m².

ON THE WATER: Very easy to rig, the new GS-R has a little more power in the takeoff and to sustain planing, thanks to a more rigid leech. This gives you a bigger recoil when pumping (which is more efficient) and more reliable control whether you need to change position in the pack, cope with a refusal or relaunch when gybing. This more linear behaviour, with a head that moves around less, enhances the overall performance when surfing down the line. It certainly requires a little more effort than before, but you will be rewarded with an overall improvement in performance, compared to its competitors in this group. You don't have the lightning acceleration of the best models when you enter a squally zone, but overall its very competitive, especially on long distance sessions where you really want high performance without too much effort, nothing too physically demanding to handle. It snaps at the heels of the best top models with a top speed sailing crosswind or windward, but its just not quite as good as the best at repositioning. It keeps the board flat in the chop and strong winds, without being the most stable profile when sailing overpowered. Gybing is great fun, for a racing sail, thanks to good cam rotation and a more fluid relaunch and profile rotation than before.

SUMMARY: While not reaching the explosive level of some rivals, the new Gun racing sails seem more docile, better behaved and more flexible thanks to their new leech shape, which results in a better connection between the top and bottom of the profile. Its ability to handle a wide range of wind speeds is improving, along with its linearity in behaviour and performance. One of the most user-friendly racing sails on the market.

+: Bargain price, wind range, overall good performance, easy to tame in this group, rigging, gybing.
- : Lacks a little explosive bang in the relaunch and acceleration in squally winds in slalom.

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