Vision Semidry 5/4 mm
Vision Semidry 5/4 mm Vision Semidry 5/4 mm Vision Semidry 5/4 mm Vision Semidry 5/4 mm Vision Semidry 5/4 mm Vision Semidry 5/4 mm Vision Semidry 5/4 mm Vision Semidry 5/4 mm Vision Semidry 5/4 mm Vision Semidry 5/4 mm

Vision Semidry 5/4 mm

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  • Drain Holes e.g. in the foot or lower back area, allow water which had entered to leak out easily 
  • Batwing Panel including an extended head cuff at the back avoids the contact with skin of which water which soaks through the back zipper 
  • Velcro Loops e.g. at ankles and boots, avoid water intrusion and are removable 
  • Shock Pads protect the shinbone against bruises and impact injuries caused by the board’s edge 
  • Tatex protection protects (e.g. the knees) against tearing and abrasion from stones or rough nonslip coating
  • Key pocket at the leg, with flexible loop to store a (waterproof) key safely 
  • YKK zipper at the back with extremely robust metal slider and practical zipper loop strap 
  • Velcro Closure with 3 instead of only 2 Velcro strips in the neck area enables a very sensitive adjustment to close the collar optimally without any choking.

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Extraordinary warm and highly elastic semi dry suit with glued stitch construction for autumn and winter. Intelligent hybrid construction: double-laminated neoprene for maximum flexibility and comfort in sleeves and legs, combined with smooth skin panels in the torso area against evaporation cooling. 

Range of temperatures: Approx. 0°C – 15°C 


  • Skin Neoprene (e.g. at the torso) reduces the evaporative cooling effect (windchill factor) with its smooth surface due to faster drying in comparison to DL.
  • Double Lined (DL) Neoprene (e.g. at sleeves and legs) is more elastic, robust and can be used in many colours compared to the black skin neoprene
  • Hybrid Neoprene refers to a combination of DL and skin neoprene panels in order to use specifically the different advantages of the materials
  • Glued Blind Stich seams are first glued edge to edge and additionally stitched with blindstitch machines what makes them robust and nearly waterproof
  • S-Class Neoprene on Limestone basis, for extraordinary elasticity, wearing comfort and warmth
  • K-Class Neoprene on Limestone basis for significantly stressed zones such as e.g. shins, protect from bruises
  • Limestone Neoprene is produced from calcium carbonate and is classified as more ecologically sustainable than common oil-based neoprene fabrication
  • Thermo Plush inner jersey at the entire front torso ensure cozy warmth and high wearing comfort
  • Flex Tex jersey material for outstanding stretch abilities and freedom of movement especially in sleeves, shoulder and legs 
  • Tuff Stuff jersey lamination in areas where robustness and durability have top priority such as crotch and shins
  • Melco Tape reinforcement patches at many stressed points avoid a bursting of the seams
  • Neo Tape which is glued on (e.g. at the inner batwing seam), ensures an additional durability and sealing against incoming water
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